Thank a Black Woman: Top Black Women Moments This ...

Thank a Black Woman: Top Black Women Moments This Week

Here at AYO, we celebrate black womanhood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 (or 366) days a year.  But in case you’ve been a bit busy, we’ve highlighted our top five black women moments this week:

1. Bye, Felicia. After being fired from her White House job this week, Trump administration mouthpiece Omarosa Manigault-Newman went on Good Morning America, telling host Michael Strahan that she had MUCH to spill about her time in the White House.

“When I can tell my story — and it is a profound story — I know the world will want to hear,” she teased.

Needless to say, co-host Robin Roberts didn’t want to hear it.  “She said she has a story to tell?” she remarked. “I’m sure she’ll be selling that story.”

Then—THEN— she says this:


2. Black women save the country. Again. On Tuesday during Alabama’s U.S. Senate race, republican candidate (and documented pedophile) Roy Moore was (barely) defeated by opponent Democratic Doug Jones. Sounds like an unremarkable election race, although despite the alarming accusations aimed toward Moore, nearly SIXTY PERCENT of white women in the state voted for Moore. Meanwhile 98% of black women in the state voted for his opponent, Doug Jones, making him the state’s next senator. The country breathes a sigh of (momentary) relief. 

Check out the graph below that shows the ever-widening schism between black and white women in the state. Be sure to thank a black woman today.



3. Give a speech like Mignon. On Wednesday, the Federal Communications Commission’s Mignon Clyburn gave an impassioned speech in defense of net neutrality, the principle that prevents internet providers from favoring certain sites by restricting access and speeds. As one of two Democrats on the five-member Commission, Clyburn’s been a vocal opponent of the Republicans’ plan to reset net neutrality protections. Despite her efforts, the Commission voted to repeal net neutrality protections, 3-2. But kudos to Commissioner Clyburn for standing her ground.

You can catch Clyburn’s speech in its entirety below: 


4. Lupita. ‘Nuff said.  Media darling Lupita Nyong’o looking absolutely resplendent at the Los Angeles premiere of her new flick, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We can always appreciate a good Lupita sighting—I mean, is there such thing as a bad Lupita sighting?


5. Long overdue.The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced its 2018 inductees and while the list is unsurprisingly impressive, two submissions stick out: early gospel influencer Sister Rosetta Tharpe and High Priestess of Soul Nina Simone. Finally!

While Nina Simone gained widespread acclaim during her career, the work of Sister Rosetta Tharpe is less well-known. Credited with influencing musical legends like Elvis Priestly, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis (notice a pattern, here?), Tharpe’s soulful style set the standard for what we know today as rock ‘n’ roll. 

Check out a clip of Sister Rosetta Tharpe performing live (date unknown):


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